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Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Training

The Vital Role of Young Entrepreneurs in Our Community

In today's rapidly evolving world, young entrepreneurs are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but powerful agents of change today. Their innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and boundless energy are invaluable assets to our community. By nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, we are investing in a future that promises more innovative solutions to real-world problems, economic growth, and a dynamic workforce. Young entrepreneurs bring a unique blend of passion and adaptability, essential for driving progress and fostering a culture of creativity and resilience. Their ventures contribute significantly to our local economy, create job opportunities, and often address societal challenges with ingenuity. Encouraging and supporting these young minds is more than just a wise investment; it's a commitment to a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

Introducing the BCYL YELT Program

The BCYL YELT Program is a groundbreaking initiative to transform these young visionaries into tomorrow’s business leaders.

The BCYL YELT Program consists of 8 weeks/40 hours of Classroom Training Sessions where students learn about personal finance, what an entrepreneur is and what it takes to be an entrepreneur, develop a Lean Business Canvas, and a Formal Business Plan. Through a partnership with Housatonic Community College, students will have access to the Werth Entrepreneurship Center to build prototypes and then sell their products at The Emporium, the Student Store in Downtown Bridgeport. Coupled with an 80-hour paid internship, this program grants students the opportunity to actualize their ideas into reality.

Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders has partnered with Junior Achievement of Greater Fairfield County to deliver the Classroom Training Sessions during which time you will be learning high-level business concepts from various Volunteers and Mentors.